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Event: Battle Cry Civil War 150th Year Anniversary edition        Rules: Board Game

Period/Era: American Civil War (1861-1865)       Scale:

GM: Jaden Dinkins       Club: OSG       Sponsor:

Battle Cry Civil War 150th anniversary Edition is a game based in the American Civil War where you can play as either the Union or the Confederacy and change the course of many famous battles such as Bull Run, Shiloh, Gettysburg,etc, as well as new anniversary battles like the battle Wilson`s Creek. This is a 2 player game with a run time of 45 min to an hour.

Event: Betrayal at House on the Hill        Rules: Core rules

Period/Era: Modern       Scale:

GM: Jordan Winkler, Jaden Dinkins, Andy Whitman       Club: O.S.G.       Sponsor:

Explore a creepy old mansion as a group of friends, or so you think one among you is a traitor to the group. Who will we the evil betrayer or the heroes?

Event: Judi        Rules: lajSbmLhjKv

Period/Era: CTskCbKJKERosgNo       Scale: txhGcGoY

GM: Judi       Club: UhDVzeFykiAkMd       Sponsor: emFtJelzpivr


Event: Judi        Rules: KwSwRcMFZptZtr

Period/Era: MrrtBbJn       Scale: xkCdEhkY

GM: Judi       Club: UhkVAKSvLXLeP       Sponsor: PewuluFAQAK


Event: Mech Warrior The Fate of Arcturus VII        Rules: Fist Full of Lead

Period/Era: Mech Warrior Future       Scale: 10mm

GM: Bill Johnson       Club: Randistan Gaming Group       Sponsor:

The Arcturus VII system is incredibly rich in minerals and natural resources. Several planets in the system are habitable and several others can be terraformed as well. An ore rich belt of asteroids also runs through the system. The local inhabitants had enjoyed a high level of comfort and stability until the Mech Warrior Clans came to realize the strategic importance of the system. Six of the Mech Warrior clans have laid claim to the Arcturus VII system. The battle for the Arcturus VII has lasted several months with the warring Mech Warrior Clans trying to not to spoil the resources they crave. Eventually the fighting spilled onto habitable worlds and threatened to destroy the very resources that sparked the conflict. Under flag of truce the Mech Warrior Clans agreed to split the rights and resources of the system. Ritual combat will determine the shares of resources. Each clan may send a handpicked team of five Mech Warriors to Arcturus Prime to battle for their clans. The battle is to the death but guarantees honor for the fallen and the chance to become legend for the victorious. All materials will be provided

Event: Secret Hitler        Rules: Normal

Period/Era: 1900's       Scale:

GM: Alex Powell       Club:        Sponsor:

Secret Hitler is a social deduction game about finding and stopping the Secret Hitler. Players are secretly divided into two teams: the liberals, who have a majority, and the fascists, who are hidden to everyone but each other. If the liberals can learn to trust each other, they have enough votes to control the elections and save the day. But the fascists will say whatever it takes to get elected, advance their agenda, and win the game.

Event: The Scarborough Raid        Rules: Homegrown

Period/Era: 1915       Scale: 1:2400

GM: John Owen       Club: Colorado Military Historians       Sponsor:

In an effort to whittle down enemy strength, the German High Seas Fleet is sortieing their battle cruiser squadron to bombard British coastal cities and draw out a portion of the Grand Fleet - hopefully to its destruction. Unbeknownst to them, British intelligence is reading their radio traffic. Can the Royal Navy head them off and gain a resounding win, or will the Germans prevail?

Event: What a Tanker! King of the Ring        Rules: What a Tanker!

Period/Era: World War II       Scale: 15mm

GM: Chris Arnold, Jay Arnold       Club: The Veteran Wargamer Podcast       Sponsor:

Fight to be the king of the battlefield in a game of tank-on-tank combat! What A Tanker! puts you inside a WWII tank as you drive, acquire the enemy in your sights, and blow him to bits. Jump in and out of the action throughout the day as you see fit. Improve your tank as your crew scores kills and you gain the coveted Tank Ace status. No experience needed. Rules are easy to learn but tough to master. All gaming necessities provided.





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