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Event: 3D printing for gamers        Rules:

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: Jay Sprenkle       Club:        Sponsor:

A demonstration and speech on 3D printing and how it relates to gaming. I will supply a 3D printer and demonstrate it`s use as part of the talk.

Event: A Knights' Tournament        Rules: Jaye Wiley`s excellent rework of a gladiator game

Period/Era: Medieval       Scale: 90mm

GM: Chad Gilbert       Club: TableTop Tuesday Historical Group       Sponsor:

Pairs of knight`s, one mounted and one on foot, face off in a general melee to see who is Champion. Player`s assign each of their knights four tokens assigning what abilities they have; Strength and Weaponry, Strong Armor, Swiftness, Prowess, or Blessings. Duplicate tokens provide an even better ability. Injuries force the removal of a knight`s tokens, but which ones, is left up to the player. A knight that loses all their markers has bowed out (or been knocked out). Huzzah! Sound the trumpets!

Event: All Quiet on the Martian Front        Rules: All Quiet on the Martian Front

Period/Era: 1910       Scale: 15mm

GM: Todd Carter       Club:        Sponsor:

Elements of the Manitoba Dragoons, the Alberta Light Horse and the Regina Rifles confront the Martian tripods on the plains of Canada.

Event: Amia        Rules: OZUVBAWzQ

Period/Era: BydlohezbiTCZOPbik       Scale: UmqcudkF

GM: Amia       Club: nwwbYbFStOJ       Sponsor: bmkPiFby

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Event: Arkham Horror Innsmouth Expansion        Rules: Arkham Horror

Period/Era: 1920s       Scale:

GM: Duane G Fleck       Club: Organization of Strategic Gaming       Sponsor:

8 player co-operative game. Takes place in the town of Arkham. Players take the role of an investigator working with others to prevent Arkhams destruction at the hands of a Great Old One. Of all the cities found in H.P. Lovecraft’s vision of Massachusetts, perhaps none is quite so deadly as the small fishing village of Innsmouth. Decrepit and dying, Innsmouth is being consumed from within by an ancient pact once made to save the town. The investigators will find every hand turned against them as they explore its rotting docks and fetid beaches. In the end, perhaps the only way to save Innsmouth is by destroying it along with the terrible creatures that haunt its waters near Devil Reef.

Event: Attack of the Naked Galwegian Picts        Rules: Knights and (No) Magick

Period/Era: Early Medieval       Scale: 25

GM: Douglas Marston       Club: C       Sponsor:

The Northumbrians (English) have built a wooden fortress to secure a foothold in the Scottish Lowlands. The Scotts want them out and will attack this fortress.

Event: Axis & Allies Global        Rules: A&A Tournament Rules

Period/Era: WWII       Scale:

GM: BOB ROBY       Club: H.A.H.M.G.S       Sponsor:

Germany/Italy/Japan are ready to expand their empires which includes the entire which includes the entire world. Allies need to hold on until America ramps up that arsenal of Democracy. Pick your side! Build! Fight! Make the other poor blighter die for his country! Repeat as needed! Can you rewrite the history books with an Axis victory! or can you can keep history the way it was happened. You decide. Materials supplied.

Event: Batman Miniatures Game        Rules: Batman Miniatures Game

Period/Era: Modern       Scale: 35mm

GM: Chuck Couch and Brian Emra       Club:        Sponsor:

Come try out the Batman Miniatures game by Knight Models. Control Batman or one of his rogues gallery and their allies as they battle in Gotham City.

Event: Battle of Cambrai 1917        Rules: Special Order 6

Period/Era: World War 1       Scale: 6mm

GM: William r. Daniel       Club: CMH       Sponsor: Trenchx

Battle of Cambrai November 20, 1917 Theme World War I; 9 AM; Length: 4 hrs; Hosted by: Bill Daniel; Scale: 1/285; Rules: Special Order 6; Sponsor: WNPG; No. of Players: 10. It is November 1917, Allied Command proposes using tanks in mass to break the Hindenburg line and capture the Town of Cambrai in Northern France. Using a concentrated attack across a narrow front between the Canal du Nord and St Quentin canal, this force will encircle Cambrai and then capture it. The game will pit the players against a team of hardened German NPC’s. We will be using 300 tanks models on a huge 12 ft 3D table modeling the terrain surrounding Cambrai. Sponsored by TrenchX

Event: Battle of Casa Grande-Start of the Revolution        Rules: Fistful of Lead

Period/Era: Mexican Revolution       Scale: 28mm

GM: Jaye and Marshal Wiley       Club:        Sponsor: Wiley Games

Francisco Madero and his ragtag group of rebels has risen up against the oppressive Diaz regime. They decide to attack the Federal held town of Casa Grande. What looks like an easy prize, quickly turns deadly.

Event: Battle of Mokra        Rules: Chain of Command

Period/Era: WW II1939       Scale: 15mm

GM: Joel Franklin & Chris Coupland       Club: Little Wars       Sponsor:

The Polish infantry counterattack after their anti-tank guns have driven off the Germans` Panzers. Bereft of their armored support, will the German infantry be able to advance? This hypothetical platoon-level engagement attempts to reproduce some of the challenges of infantry command and control on the outskirts of the Polish city of Mokra on the first day of Germany`s invasion of Poland.

Event: Board Game Demos        Rules:

Period/Era: Various       Scale:

GM: Peter Anderson       Club:        Sponsor:

Demos for a variety of games, including The Pursuit of Happiness, Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Ars Alchimia, Karuba, and more.

Event: Board Game Demos II        Rules: As per the game

Period/Era: Historical and Family games       Scale:

GM: Larry Freeman       Club:        Sponsor:

We will have several games set up for you to try throughout the convention: Warfighter WWII, New York Slice, Here Kitty Kitty New Bedford Whaling

Event: Bolt Action        Rules: Bolt Action 2nd Edition

Period/Era: World War 2       Scale: 28mm

GM: Matthew Overstreet       Club:        Sponsor:

1250 point 3 round tournament, max 2 platoons and 16 order dice, no flame vehicles

Event: Cryptic Entry        Rules: D&D 5th Edition

Period/Era: Fantasy RPG       Scale:

GM: Andy Andersen       Club:        Sponsor: Game Cafe

Introduction to D&D 5th Edition with plenty of fun for veteran players. You have been tasked for finding a relic lost to time and antiquity. You believe it held by an ancient treasure hunter. Can you and your friends recover the prize?

Event: Deadlands Demolition Derby        Rules: Axles and Alloys

Period/Era: Post-Apocalyptic       Scale: 1:64

GM: Ted Conn       Club: Secondhand Lions       Sponsor:

Come one, come all to the often imitated, but never duplicated Deadlands Demolition Derby! Up to 12 contestants will drive their vehicles in the arena, hoping to be the last car moving in what`s guaranteed to be a cavalcade of thrills! This game uses the action-packed Axles & Alloys rules we`ve ran for the past few years. Will you shoot, ram and jump your way to victory and go home with the vaunted Deadlands trophy? Note: Game starts at 7 pm.

Event: Defence of Imperial Outpost        Rules: HATSOFF 15mm Star Wars Ground Rules

Period/Era: Star Wars       Scale: 15mm

GM: Dylan Loomis       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

The Empire has established a small outpost on a planet far from the action. The Rebellion attempts to destroy the base before reinforcements arrive.

Event: Dirigibles of Death        Rules: HATSOFF Dirigibles of Death

Period/Era: Fictional Paraguay-Uruguay War       Scale: 1/1200

GM: Sam Gill       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

Having no common border, Paraguay and Uruguay must fight in the skies using pre-World War I airship technology.

Event: Dogfight Air Campaign        Rules: My own design. Designed to be fast and furious

Period/Era: WWI       Scale: 1/144

GM: Chad Gilbert       Club: TableTop Tuesday Historical Group       Sponsor:

Players will fly a flight of 2 aircraft. Points are earned for downing enemy aircraft and strafing trenches/targets to the rear. Shooting up enemy AAA couldn`t hurt either. There are non-player bombers to escort/shoot down and if you survive and your kills mount your skill will improve as well. If you`re flight is shot down you`ll just take off a new one from the airfield. At the end we`ll check the board to see which side was victorious and who is the Top Flight, the Doughboys` Hero, and the Ace of Aces.

Event: DOMAINWEBUP        Rules: 1

Period/Era: 1       Scale: 1

GM: DOMAINWEBUP       Club: 1       Sponsor: 1

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Event: Donnell        Rules: fshFleyFZaASdHK

Period/Era: SBuiXdOZNtsqHO       Scale: ejeEeTaJ

GM: Donnell       Club: fdQgVkOLKfffZ       Sponsor: HIqVBJEOvuz

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Event: Dr Mathias's Arena of Blood        Rules: Arena of Blood

Period/Era: Sci-Fi Warhammer 40K        Scale: 28mm

GM: Matthew Leahy        Club: Hiawatha Area Low Rollers       Sponsor:

Arena of Blood is a gladiator-style game featuring Dark Elf Wyches fighting to the death in a custom built 3D arena. The last Wych standing is the winner. Arena of Blood was originally published in White Dwarf magazine #229.

Event: Dune        Rules: Avalon Hill, WBC rules,10 turn limit.

Period/Era: Science Fiction       Scale:

GM: Andy Pickard       Club:        Sponsor:

The classic Avalon Hill game based on the incomparable novel Dune, by Frank Herbert. We will be using a home-made game set, and the accepted WBC rules, and a 10 turn time limit.

Event: Elder Sign        Rules: Elder Sign

Period/Era: 1920s       Scale:

GM: Duane G Fleck       Club: Organization of Strategic Gaming       Sponsor:

Elder Sign is a fast-paced, cooperative dice game of supernatural intrigue. It is 1926, and the museum’s exotic curios and occult artifacts open barriers between our world and the elder evils lurking between dimensions. Other Worlds begin to leak through and terrifying creatures of increasing strength steal through them. Animals, the mad, and those of susceptible minds are driven to desperation by the supernatural forces that the portals unleash. In the midst of this chaos, a handful of investigators race against time to locate the eldritch symbols necessary to seal the portals forever and stop evil Ancient Ones from reducing humanity to cinders.

Event: Embassy Evactuation!        Rules: Ambush Alley CQB

Period/Era: Near Future       Scale: 15mm

GM: Shawn Carpenter, Peggy Carpenter       Club:        Sponsor:

U.S. Special Operations Forces must hold off an advanced opposing force long enough for embassy staff to evacuate. Beta test the new Ambush Alley Rules and fight through the streets of a near future world.

Event: F1 Racing        Rules: Going the Distance

Period/Era: Modern       Scale:

GM: Ted Conn       Club: Secondhand Lions       Sponsor:

Gentlemen, start your engines! Race your stable of high performance machines at Shanghai International Circuit track; a 3.4 mile course of twists, turns and excitement! Featuring multiple cars per person, can you lead your team to victory in this three lap race?

Event: Field of Daisies        Rules: Harnmaster

Period/Era: Fantasy Medieval RPG       Scale:

GM: Douglas Marston       Club: Colorado Military Historians       Sponsor:

Field of Daisies is an introductory adventure for HârnWorld. The adventure unfolds in the fief of Falkath, a small manor in northern Kaldor, a feudal kingdom in eastern Hârn. Falkath’s knightly lord, Sir Mayald Vobenor, is looking for able-bodied people to search for a missing child. Can the players find the boy or will they end up buried in a Field of Daisies?

Event: Fire & Axe        Rules: As published, almost. Short game variant.

Period/Era: Viking Age       Scale:

GM: Andy Pickard       Club:        Sponsor:

Fire & Axe is a boardgame of raid, trade, and settlling in Viking Age Europe. Load your ships with trade goods, sail to the lands of the Franks, the Slavs, or even the Skraelings, and become a hero for the sagas.

Event: Fire on the Nile!        Rules: Gunboats and Dhows!

Period/Era: Colonial/Sudan       Scale: 28mm

GM: Daniel Gurule       Club:        Sponsor:

As the revolt heats up the British and Egyptians are attempting to move back up the Nile. The dervish have occupied the abandoned Egyptian fortifications at a very strategic point on the river. Coupled with batteries on both banks of the river this location is a very crucial point and can hamper further movements upriver. The gunboat flotilla has been deployed to attack and destroy the fortifications in support of the ground forces moving along the shoreline. This will not be an easy mission. This will be a combined Gunboat and Ground battle.

Event: Four Kingdoms        Rules: Standard Game Rules

Period/Era: Medieval to Renaissance       Scale:

GM: Michael Erisman, Jeff Porter       Club:        Sponsor:

Be one of the first to try a game from local KC designers! Do you like Catan but hate getting worked over by the dice rolls? Are you a fan of Dominion but looking for something new? Then this is the game for you! Take your kingdom from the dark ages in to the enlightenment. Outwit and out-plan up to 3 other players as you race to lead your people to prosperity, and make a few enemies along the way.

Event: Fox and Rats: North Africa WWII        Rules: Flames of War: Fourth Edition

Period/Era: WWII: North Africa       Scale: 15mm

GM: Craig Maksimik       Club:        Sponsor: Tabletop Game and Hobby

Fox and Rats: North Africa WWII Erwin Rommel a.k.a. "The Desert Fox" pits his Afrika Korps against Bernard Montgomery`s British "Desert Rats" in the sands of North Africa. Using the new Flames of War version 4, players will fight across the hot desert sands, securing victory objectives in order to determine the true master of the desert.

Event: Frontier on Fire        Rules: Fistful of Lead: Horse & Musket

Period/Era: French and Indian War       Scale: 54mm

GM: Chris Cluckey       Club:        Sponsor:

It`s 1757 and hostilities are escalating on the American frontier. The native tribes have decided to take the fight to the British by burning out the colonial settlements. A large war party has set upon a farmstead guarded by colonial Militia. Will the Indians succeed in putting the farm to the torch, or will the Militia save the day?

Event: Get to the Boats!        Rules: The Sword and The Flame

Period/Era: Colonial/Sudan       Scale: 28mm

GM: Daniel Gurule       Club:        Sponsor:

As the Dervish revolt erupts the Government House was immediately besieged by small angry bands of Dervish. The attacks were piecemeal so far but are getting more intense. A squad of Grenadier Guards was sent a week ago overland to find the Government staff and prepare them for rescue. It has been reported that Gunboats have arrived and are disembarking troops to assist the evacuation. A dash through the city to the docks is not going to be easy.

Event: Gladiators        Rules: GURPS (Generic Universal RolePlaying System)

Period/Era: Roman Empire (iron age)       Scale:

GM: Captain Joy       Club:        Sponsor:

Fight in the arena to the delight of the assembled masses. You will play a single gladiator. GURPS combat is broken down to the second. We will be using hit locations, e.g. leg, neck, vitals, toros. No experience with GURPS is necessary. The entire session will be devoted to combat (so little if any role playing).

Event: Gold and Gunfire        Rules: Fistful of Lead

Period/Era: Wild West       Scale: 28mm

GM: Jaye & Marshal Wiley       Club:        Sponsor: Wiley Games

Baby Face Fenster, leader and sole survivor of the Finnigan-Fenster gang is sitting in the Lesterville county jail. He and he alone knows the location of last payroll his gang buried out in the desert. He has sent word out through the criminal underworld he will share its location if somebody will break him out before his transfer to the notorious Yucca prison tomorrow. Also at at state is a rather large gold nugget sitting, mostly unguarded in the First National Bank across the street. Marshal Bill Bastardsen and his group of mostly deputized townsfolk are all that stand between the Badguys and their goals. His only hope is a small detachment of US Cavalry camped just outside of town, and possibly a mysterious stranger arriving on the noon stage....

Event: GoldenTabs        Rules: xYTctTmUhf

Period/Era: aEZGXtNARsVV       Scale: SuUBuczO

GM: GoldenTabs       Club: WLLXrxfyNa       Sponsor: cczRhelbqHtujglQHhe


Event: Helm's Deep        Rules: LotR SBG

Period/Era: 3rd Age - Middle Earth       Scale: 28mm

GM: Mark and Zach Duncan       Club: New Tea Club and Barovian Society       Sponsor:

The Horn of Helm Hammerhand shall ring out once again. The army of Isengard lays siege to the remnants of the horsemen of Rohan. Will our heroes Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, Théoden, Gamling and Haldir last the night ? Will they make it to first light of the fifth day, and the arrival of Eomer and his Rohirrim.

Event: Heromaniacs (2-Bit Dungeon Adventure) / Army of Orkness (2-Bit Tower Defense)        Rules: Heromaniacs (2-Bit Dungeon Adventure) / Army of Orkness (2-Bit Tower Defense)

Period/Era: Medieval/Fantasy       Scale:

GM: Don Scurlock       Club:        Sponsor:

Heromaniacs (2-Bit Dungeon Adventure): Heromaniacs (2-Bit Adventure) is a standalone light-hearted fantasy themed dungeon crawling card game for 2-4 players. The goal is very simple: be the first player to get from Level 1 of the dungeon all the way up to and out of Level 5. (Duration: 2 hrs) Army of Orkness (2-Bit Tower Defense): Army of Orkness is a standalone light-hearted fantasy themed cooperative trick-taking tower defense card game for 1-4 players. The Orc armies have gathered outside the Castle and the players must work together to stop them anyway they can be it by sword, crossbow, spell, or potion! But be warned, there may be a 2-bit traitory Orc sympathizer in your midst! (Duration: 1 hr)

Event: Imperial Skies        Rules: Imperial Skies

Period/Era: Alternative WW1       Scale: 1/1200

GM: Sean Gewecke       Club:        Sponsor:

Imperial Skies is a wargame set against a fictional backdrop of the decades before the turn of the century through to the 1920’s. In this alternative history, World War I does not end but instead the battles continue to rage in the skies using blimps, zeppelins, airships and aircraft. In this scenario, the Central Forces have developed a chemical weapon and the Allied Forces have learned that a large supply of this weapon is being transported to the front. An Allied Force has been dispatched to intercept this supply and must capture the ships carrying it so they can prove to the international community what the Central Forces have created.

Event: Ironclads - Mobile Bay - 1864        Rules: Harold Morgan`s Quick Play Ironclad Rules

Period/Era: American Civil War       Scale: 1/1200

GM: Phil Hartman & Joseph Hartman       Club:        Sponsor:

Rear Admiral David Farragut runs past the guns of Confederate Fort Morgan to engage the rebel fleet at Mobile Bay. Very fast play beer and pretzels rules. One minute you are ripping apart your opponent. The next your magazines explode and you are at the bottom of the bay. All ages and skill sets are welcome. Playtime is about 2 hours or less.

Event: JimmiNi        Rules: mxxGsPniCdQZTLNijDd

Period/Era: fySMtDqkhvhCklQJ       Scale: VxrcsoZo

GM: JimmiNi       Club: PohQuicXbUBwhelD       Sponsor: ibGIqSgZqFgruVdqe


Event: JimmiNi        Rules: WpTDNIQdVTtOg

Period/Era: VlOeLuiJcbJJDhlhqwB       Scale: IfPdnXGh

GM: JimmiNi       Club: ncuJpFDkU       Sponsor: BvgpOXvSHkJHBprss


Event: JimmiNi        Rules: iOnvqoEsUvSiiGMBf

Period/Era: lCsRrJHuECWVJ       Scale: HPPkPchJ

GM: JimmiNi       Club: QEroTjudkRDGOu       Sponsor: bvjREaJBTrAvCnIkFw


Event: JimmiNi        Rules: rKaNqJFHoRU

Period/Era: hJXdXAMhYnniwWQmmjv       Scale: rxxtPOCN

GM: JimmiNi       Club: kxmKeFHhCwZKpfkprk       Sponsor: hkZtMDJOLrTQnnhkhrK


Event: JimmiNi        Rules: rFdpFtElgSwgZbTVHtR

Period/Era: lgqaMCAu       Scale: oaBBDAWw

GM: JimmiNi       Club: DngRRKTCo       Sponsor: lrZJiaSYYxEuMe


Event: JimmiNu        Rules: kUqZMcJBitRsOYbS

Period/Era: tACvPpvrIQPomUtCcfz       Scale: FJGMFcEY

GM: JimmiNu       Club: PuxAGbtkQMVAQztVq       Sponsor: dAhokPoMeoHGNuMiXvM


Event: JimmiNu        Rules: rGdqjIXoWjpcADT

Period/Era: qUQlgZRYLpLS       Scale: UDzoOLTc

GM: JimmiNu       Club: mmJKigoir       Sponsor: CHFtAYqfLadZonrebt


Event: JimmiNu        Rules: QvxHgXCFSnbtivpK

Period/Era: CKNHaJhnwwgOooaoyi       Scale: TqmQNikH

GM: JimmiNu       Club: iiYfKcqo       Sponsor: yCjsnYSZeIiPoyjH


Event: Lords of Waterdeep        Rules:

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale:

GM: Dakota Moore-Porter       Club: Organization of Strategic Gaming       Sponsor: Game Cafe

Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game for 2-5 players. You take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. Expand the city by purchasing new buildings that open up new actions on the board, and hinder—or help—the other lords by playing Intrigue cards to enact your carefully laid plans.

Event: Magnificient Seven        Rules: Fistful of Lead (modified)

Period/Era: Wild West (pulp cinema)       Scale: 28mm

GM: Conrad Wiser       Club: History in Miniature (Des Moines)       Sponsor:

Based on the 1960 movie of the same name, pick your favorite of the 7 gunfighters (Chris, Vin, Britt, Bernardo, Harry, Lee, and Chico) to protect the poor Mexican villagers or join Calvera`s band of 40 Banditos and ride in to take back what is rightfully yours.

Event: Memoir 44: Sword of Stalingrad        Rules: Memoir 44 - Overlord

Period/Era: World War II       Scale:

GM: Chris Swancara       Club:        Sponsor:

Play out the opening action of the Battle of Stalingrad using the widely popular Memoir 44 game system. This Overlord game uses two game boards for a much larger and wide scale battle. Overlord games work with 6 to 8 players with one player, on each side, taking the role of the Field General who will give commands to the forward commanders on their teams.

Event: Monarchs, Minions & Mayhem!        Rules: Board Game

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: Bill Hays       Club:        Sponsor: Tri-Infinity Games

Monarch, Minions & Mayhem! Limited Edition is a fantasy themed Card Driven Strategy Board Game with simple to follow rules, that promotes, diplomacy, social interaction and strategy. The engaging gameplay is extremely fun to play, well-balanced with innovative and unique game mechanics that will provide endless hours of entertainment with family & friends. The replay-ability of the game is virtually limit-less, fast-paced, strategic and challenging.

Event: Munchkin, Revolution and other SJ Games        Rules:

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: Bob Nolan       Club:        Sponsor:

Open table to pick and choose from your favorite Steve Jackson Games available, including Munchkin and Revlolution.

Event: Naval Battle of Imbros, 1912        Rules: HATSOFF Dreadnaught Naval

Period/Era: Pre World War I Dreadnauht Naval       Scale: 1/1200

GM: Ian Krause       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

The Italian Navy is finally getting its wish to fight the Ottoman Navy during the Italo-Ottoman War. Only the Italians may have gotten more than they bargained for when the British Royal Navy joins with the Ottomans to break the blockade of the Dardanelles and resume trade from the Black Sea.

Event: Open Board Games        Rules: Varied

Period/Era: Varied       Scale: Varied

GM: Donald Lewis & Elizabeth Robertson       Club: Ravens Role Playing Gamers       Sponsor: Pawn & Pint

Play a selection of the most popular board games out today, including Letters From Whitechapel, Pandemic, Memoir `44 and More!

Event: Paint and Take/ Learn to Paint        Rules:

Period/Era: all       Scale: all

GM: Dawn and Jay Sprenkle       Club:        Sponsor:

Free for all ages. Join us from 10am to 5pm and learn to paint your miniatures. Take home a free figure! We supply everything you need. A variety of figures will be available, historical, fantasy, and sci-fi. Come get your paint on!

Event: Raid on Beachy Head Radar Station        Rules: House rules: Blend of Mustangs & Blue Max

Period/Era: WWII - 1940       Scale: 1:110

GM: Steve Sallot       Club: Leavenworth Area Gamers       Sponsor:

Pilots man your planes! It is mid-August 1940 and the Luftwaffe continues its onslaught against the British Isle. Players will take the stick of 1 to 2 aircraft of either the RAF or Luftwaffe and duel over the English countryside and prevent Luftwaffe bombers from reaching their intended target -- Beachy Head Radar Station unless Luftflotte 2 has different plans. The house rules are a blend of miniatures-based Mustangs and a WWII version of Blue Max.

Event: Relicblade        Rules: Relicblade

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale: 28mm

GM: Bill and Sam Johnson       Club: Randistan Gaming Club       Sponsor:

RELICBLADE: ADVENTURE BATTLE GAME Relicblade is a tabletop adventure battle game. Players may choose to command villainous tyrants with their monstrous minions, or the heroic champions who seek to bring low the evil lords. Relicblade combines the action of tabletop wargaming with the flexibility of tabletop role-playing games. Each player controls a group of characters as they battle in the ruins of the sundered world. Characters are represented by finely detailed 30mm miniatures accompanied by Character Cards that detail the character`s unique abilities. From frozen ice caves in the far north, to vast coastal keeps, the adventure is limited only by your imagination.

Event: Russo-Turkish War        Rules: Neil Thomas` Wargaming Nineteenth Century Europe, 1815-1878

Period/Era: Mid-19th Century Europe       Scale: 15mm

GM: Michael Machell       Club:        Sponsor:

One of the short, bloody and decisive "hyphenated" wars of the period saw the decrepit Ottoman Empire (the so-called "Sick Man of Europe")unsuccessfully resist an invasion by the Imperial Russian Army in the Balkan and Caucasus regions. The war started when Slavic peasants in the Balkans revolted against the Ottoman governments in 1875. From there, the Pan-Slavic movement gained support from Russia`s Tsar Nicholas and Russia intervened, crossing the Danube into what is now Bulgaria in 1877. The scenario will offer a hypothetical battle with the Turks taking a defensive position against an Imperial Russian force supplemented by newly-independent Rumanian and Bulgarian troops. Neil Thomas` rules offer excellent playability while capturing the historical flavor of the period and this interesting, yet forgotten, war.

Event: Scrap Drive: The Card Game        Rules: Custom/Play Testing

Period/Era: World War II       Scale:

GM: Christ Swancara       Club:        Sponsor:

During WWII, Scrap Drives were organized across the country to gather much needed resources for the war effort. Men, women, and children all participated in nationwide competitions to see which city or state could gather the most scrap material. In "Scrap Drive: The Card Game", you will take on the role of an adult or child (your age) in the U.S. as you compete with other players to gather sets of scrap, turn them in to score points, and spend those points to purchase War Bonds. The player with the most points wins the game, but everyone helps to win the war! ***This game is brand new and still in development. I`d love for people to jump in and help play test to iron out game play mechanics and anything else about the game.

Event: Small Town America Meets Zombies        Rules: HATSOFF Zombie Rules

Period/Era: Zombie Apocalypse       Scale: 15mm

GM: Dylan Loomis       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

Zombies have taken over a small town in the heart of America. Will the locals survive and overcome?

Event: Star Trek: Attack Wing        Rules: Star Trek: Attack Wing

Period/Era: Star Trek       Scale:

GM: Steve Rice       Club:        Sponsor:

Running demo games in the Star Trek universe all day Saturday, Stop by and we will kindly show you how to maneuver your star ships.

Event: SuperFight!!!        Rules: Original, Villain Battle, Battle Royal, Pacifist

Period/Era: Sifi/Fantasy       Scale: Card Gam

GM: Andrew N. Collins       Club:        Sponsor:

The Setup: Separate the white-backed cards (characters) and the black-backed cards (attributes). Youngest player goes first. Player one starts by drawing three white cards and three black cards. You can look at them, but don’t let anyone else see them. Player two (the next player to the left) does the same. Each player chooses one white card and one black card from their hand to create a fighter and places those cards face down. Then they discard their remaining cards into two separate piles (one for characters, one for attributes). Next, both players turn over their cards and reveal their fighters. Each player then draws a random black card from the deck and adds it to their fighter. The Superfight: Both players argue and plead their cases about why their fighters would win the fight. Once the arguing is done, the table votes for a winner. In the event of a tie, both players draw a random white card and fight to the death with no attributes. The table votes again. Do this until there is a winner, then discard the white cards from the tiebreaker fights. The winning fighter stays on the table for the next player to fight and will not get any new attributes in the next fight. The player who won the fight earns one point.

Event: Taiping Rebellion        Rules: De Bellis Renationis

Period/Era: Taiping, 1860s       Scale: 25mm

GM: Todd Carter       Club:        Sponsor:

Battle from the 2nd largest war in history, more people died in the Taiping Rebellion than died in WW I.

Event: Tankers Challenge        Rules: Battleground WWII

Period/Era: WWII       Scale: 15mm

GM: Brad Jenison       Club:        Sponsor:

A test of skill as a player tank commander. Each player will play a tank until it is destroyed or the game ends. Points will be given for tanks destroyed and lost if and when your tank is destroyed. Players can draw new tanks if their original tank is destroyed.

Event: Team Yankee        Rules: Team Yankee

Period/Era: 1985 Europe       Scale: 15mm

GM: Chris Coffelt       Club: Mid-Missouri Armchair Generals       Sponsor:

Its 1985, the Soviets have crossed the Border into West Germany. Various Allied Armies have been dispatched to stop the Soviet Tide.

Event: Thar Be Pirates! - Rescue the Gov'ner        Rules: Broadswords and Blunderbus

Period/Era: Golden Age of Piracy       Scale: 25-28mm

GM: Jeff        Club: GPGP       Sponsor:

The Inquisition has taken Governor Thomas and his family hostage. After their failed attempt to hang them due to the Pirate Captains untimely arrival Cardinal Quihones and the Inquisition is attempting to flee from Gettsome Bay to the other side of the island to make their escape. The Pirate Captains are in hot pursuit!

Event: The Battle of Invernahavon - Ireland 1370        Rules: Hail Ceasar

Period/Era: Dark Ages       Scale: 15mm

GM: Jeff        Club: GPGP       Sponsor:

The Cameron Clan has been raiding and on their way home. The Chattan Confederation under Clan Mackintosh has joined up with Clan McPherson and Clan Davidson to stop them and take their loot for themselves. Hail Ceasar rules

Event: The Cardinal's Laundry        Rules: Isle de France - Swashbuckler Miniature Rules

Period/Era: Swashbucklers       Scale: 25-28mm

GM: Jeff        Club: GPGP       Sponsor:

The Cardinal`s guards have had enough. They have challenged the Musketeers to a duel. The Cardinal`s Laundry at 10am! Be there!

Event: The Great Escape        Rules: Modified Battleground WWII

Period/Era: WWII       Scale:

GM: BOB ROBY       Club: H.A.H.M.G.S.       Sponsor:

The German Army sees it is about to be cut off it but plans to live and fight another day. The American Army has other ideas.

Event: The Quest for the Treasure of Oingo Boingo        Rules: Pulp Alley

Period/Era: 1930s       Scale: 25mm

GM: Chris Gerardy       Club:        Sponsor:

Up to 6 teams of intrepid explorers/ nefarious villains search for lost treasure in the mysterious jungle.

Event: The Shroud of Karyne        Rules: Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale: 28mm

GM: Matt       Club:        Sponsor:

Rumors say a mad king laid his wife to rest in a hidden tomb filled with traps and treasure...and maybe something more sinister. A classic Greyhawk adventure updated for 5th edition rules. Grid based combat complete with miniatures.

Event: The Situation off Alexandria July 1881        Rules: Naval rules of Alred Glidden

Period/Era: Victorian Naval       Scale: 1/1100

GM: Brad Jenison       Club:        Sponsor:

A French inspired rebellion against the Khedive of Egypt has led to the dispatch of a squadron of the Royal Navy so that the situation might be brought under control. The French believing the British may shell the rebels have sent their ships to intervene.

Event: These are the Bots you're looking for..        Rules: Fistful of Lead

Period/Era: SciFi       Scale: 28mm

GM: Jaye and Marshal Wiley       Club:        Sponsor: Wiley Games

Dash Dixon, hero of the Spaceways, must get 2 Bots carrying plans for Emperor Xorg-Khan`s next super weapon, through the crowded space port to his waiting ship. Will he make it in time?

Event: Thunder at Cassino        Rules: Thunder at Cassino

Period/Era: WWII       Scale: 1 / 285

GM: Grady West       Club: Northwest Arkansas Histoically Oriented Gaming Soceity (HOGS)       Sponsor:

This is an adaptation of the popular Avalon Hill boardgame using area movement. The famous monastery,castle,railway station,and town of Cassino are depicted on this 9ft x 6ft terrain board. Allied players will try to take the monastery and blast their way through Cassino and open the road to Rome. But they will have to fight their way through rubble and the elite German Fallschiimjager division to do so. Take the challenge as the Allies to break through to Rome or as the German to hold the line against superior numbers.

Event: Treasure of the Broken Hoard        Rules: Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition - Adventure League Style Play

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale: 28mm

GM: Stephen Kaminski       Club: Kansas City Role Players Guild       Sponsor:

A famous relic hunter seeks adventurers to help her find caches of treasure hidden by the now defeated followers of the Cult of the Dragon. Her maps and notes may lead the way to great wealth—or a terrible death. And do other parties have designs on the treasure as well? Five 1-Hour Mini-Adventures for 1st & 2nd Level Characters.

Event: Turning Point Stalingrad        Rules: Turning Point Stalingrad

Period/Era: WWII       Scale: 1 / 285

GM: Grady West       Club: Northwest Arkansas Histoically Oriented Gaming Soceity (HOGS)       Sponsor:

Another boardgame to miniatures game project. I is area movement, so no measuring tapes are needed. For convention purposes, only the first week of this 5 month long meatgrinder of a battle is depicted. The Germans players must capture a certain amount of victory point areas along the Volga River, in this first week, to win. If they don`t, its a Russian victory.

Event: Various games with the KC Game Designers        Rules:

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: KC Game Designers       Club:        Sponsor:

Join the Kansas City Game Designers for various board and card games throughout the weekend. A number of different games that we are developing will be demoed by the designers. You`ll find games that are finished and close-to-finished that you won`t find anywhere else, so come play some new games before they get published! Interested in doing game design? Drop by and talk to any of our members, we`re happy to discuss joining our group!

Event: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition        Rules: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition

Period/Era: SciFi       Scale: 28mm

GM: Greg Tims and Ryan Gaulding       Club: Heroic Morale       Sponsor: Peculiar Games and Hobbies, Tabletop Game and Hobbies,

It is the grim dark future and the galaxy has been split in half by a great rift. The Imperium is in utter turmoil. The people cry out for a savior. A god from the distant past has answered their pleas, but evil stalks the void of space. This year we are excited to be teaching the 8th edition of Warhammer 40K.

Event: WEBONLINEDOMAIN        Rules: 1

Period/Era: 1       Scale: 1

GM: WEBONLINEDOMAIN       Club: 1       Sponsor: 1

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Event: WEBUPDOMAIN        Rules: 1

Period/Era: 1       Scale: 1

GM: WEBUPDOMAIN       Club: 1       Sponsor: 1

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any financial loss, data loss, downgrade in search engine rankings, missed customers, undeliverable email or any other damages that you may suffer upon the expiration of For more information please refer to section 17.c.1a of our User Agreement. This is your final notice to renew In the event that expires, we reserve the right to offer your listing to competing businesses in the same niche and region after 3 business days on an auction basis. This is the final communication that we are required to send out regarding the expiration of Secure Online Payment: All services will be automatically restored on if payment is received in full before expiration. Thank you for your cooperation.

Event: Wind In the Wires WWI Air Combat        Rules: Modified Blue Max/Canvas Eagle

Period/Era: WWI       Scale: 1/72nd

GM: Steven W Farmer, Ed Bjes, Chris Sicoli       Club: Northland Gamers       Sponsor: Northland Gamers

Pit your aircraft and skill against enemy fighters in this 3-Dimensional WWI dogfight game between the Central Powers and Allied Nations over the trenches of Europe. Each player will pilot a single aircraft in a flight of up to 6 aircraft against enemy planes striving to gain air superiority over the battlefield.

Event: Zombicide        Rules: In the game

Period/Era: Midieval/present day       Scale:

GM: Matthew Ryan       Club:        Sponsor:

Zombicide is a cooperative game that pits survivors of a zombie plague against zombies. Complete objectives and earn rewards while crawling around the maps.

Event: Zombie Rush (2-Bit Zombie Survival) / Space Jackers (2-Bit Space Western)        Rules: Zombie Rush (2-Bit Zombie Survival) / Space Jackers (2-Bit Space Western)

Period/Era: Sci-fi       Scale:

GM: Don Scurlock       Club:        Sponsor:

Zombie Rush (2-Bit Zombie Survival): Zombie Rush is a zombie survival cooperative card game for 1-4 players. The players must work together and use their scrappy band of 2-Bit Survivors to collect resources, complete objectives, and escape all the while trying to fend off the endless, relentless, faceless 2-Bit Zombie horde that threatens to ruin the presents, the pudding, and Grandma’s pumpkin pie. (Duration: 2 hrs) Space Jackers (2-Bit Space Western): Space Jackers is a standalone light-hearted sci-fi space themed cooperative card game for 1-4 players. You have found the Princess. Now you must escape the giant space station and return to base. To do that, players must work together and use their 2-bit rebels to defeat the waves of 2-bit enemies and make their way back to the Centennial Pigeon…the second fastest ship in the galaxy. (Duration: 1 hour)





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