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Event: A Tight Place To Be In        Rules: STONEWALL JACSON`S WAY

Period/Era: American Civil War       Scale: 15mm

GM: Tom Day       Club:        Sponsor:

Union forces are caught over extended with no support facing superior Confederate forces. Can they survive? The game requires to players to determine in writing what the units will do each turn. ALL movement,firing, melee is Simultanious and very chaotic.

Event: A Walk in the Park Except for the Afghans        Rules: The Sword and the Flame (HATSOFF Variant)

Period/Era: Colonial Afghanistan (1879)       Scale: 25mm

GM: Terry Collins       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor: None

British force is on punitive raid into the Afghan hill country. Where are the Afghans? Game will start at 6:00pm, Friday night, on the HATSOFF Table.

Event: A&A GLOBAL        Rules:

Period/Era: WWII       Scale: 0

GM: BOB ROBY       Club: H.A.H.M.G.S       Sponsor:


Event: Battle of Clannard        Rules: Beneath the Lily Banners, War of Three Kings

Period/Era: League of Augsburg, 1690       Scale: 28mm

GM: Joe North       Club:        Sponsor:

After the Battle of the Boyne, the Jacobite army retreated to Dublin and then headed west. The forces of both sides divided to cover various tactical options and smaller commands brushed up against each other on several occasions over the ensuing weeks. this fictitious scenario represents one such engagement.

Event: Betrayal at House on the Hill        Rules: Core rules

Period/Era: Modern       Scale:

GM: Jordan Winkler, Jaden Dinkins, Andy Whitman       Club: O.S.G.       Sponsor:

Explore a creepy old mansion as a group of friends, or so you think one among you is a traitor to the group. Who will we the evil betrayer or the heroes?

Event: Deadzone & Dreadball Demos        Rules: Deadzone & Dreadball

Period/Era: Future Sci-Fi       Scale: 28mm

GM: Bill Johnson       Club: Randistan Gaming Group       Sponsor: Mantic Games

Deadzone and Dreadball Demonstration Games Come and try two great Mantic games, Deadzone and Dreadball. Stop by anytime during the demo session to give them a try. Everything needed to play will be provided. Deadzone- PREPARE TO DEPLOY! Deadzone strips away unnecessary complications leaving you free to enjoy the excitement and tactical depth of futuristic battle. Get ready for fast paced, easy to learn, mission-based skirmishes in a brutal future. Deadzone is small scale skirmish game that incorporates great miniatures and terrain with a detailed campaign system. DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is a fast and fun tactical miniatures sports board game, written by Jake Thornton and created by Mantic Games. Two coaches compete for victory with teams of beautiful miniatures, on a highly stylised and finely detailed sci-fi pitch. The game is easy to learn yet tactical, with carefully orchestrated plays and counter attacks hinging on positioning and the mercy of the dice gods. Created by the finest sculptors and designers in the universe.

Event: Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League        Rules: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale: 25mm

GM: Donald Lewis       Club: Ravens Role-Playing Gamers       Sponsor: Pawn & Pint

Join us for a series of Tier 1 (Level 1-4) Adventures on Friday Night and throughout the day Saturday. Sessions will last approximately 2-3 hours with breaks in between. You may bring a tier appropriate character, or we will have pre-made Level 1 Characters available. The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting. You can play D&D Adventurers League games literally anywhere. Players use the fifth edition rules to create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening.

Event: Fabled Lands RPG        Rules: Fabled Lands

Period/Era: Fantasy       Scale: 0

GM: Vanessa Shields       Club: RPGKC       Sponsor:

Sokara is a country torn apart by civil war. Grieve Marlock, the newly self-appointed Protector General of all Sokara, has overthrown and killed King Corin VII; now the country is divided between those faithful to the revolution, and those still loyal to the heir to the throne - Nergan Corin.

Event: For the Legion! El Hammam 1915        Rules: The Men Who Would Be King

Period/Era: World War I, Colonial       Scale: 28mm

GM: Larry Freeman, Kevin Long       Club:        Sponsor:

The Great War in France drew the bulk of the French Foreign Legion from the desert and committed them to the trenches. A small force was left behind but they were barely adequate to garrison, let alone patrol! Made up of castoffs, convicts and locals, the Bedouins felt that now was the time to reclaim their homeland after decades of French rule! Abd el Meheddin set up at El Hammam and dared the Legion to attack. The French commander Lyautey hastily scraped together a force to suppress Meheddin. Whether they were thieves, shopkeepers, French Algerians or Parisians before, they were all Legionnaires now and a loss here would doom the colonies to revolt! We march for France! Pour la Legion! The game will start about 6 PM on Friday and about 9 to 12:30 on Saturday. It would be great if I were near the Brush with Nobility vendor tables so I can help out if needed!

Event: Gaslands - Idris Team Driver Tryouts        Rules: Gaslands

Period/Era: Current - Alternate History       Scale: Hotwheel

GM: Sean Gewecke       Club: Randistan Gaming Group       Sponsor:

The life of a Gaslands racer is dangerous. Many drivers start out looking for their golden ticket to Mars, but most don’t have the stuff to make it... to be honest, many die in the process. Do you have the stuff? Can you work as part of a team? Can you lead your team to victory? Team Idris is looking for the next generation of drivers and we are holding try outs. All gear needed will be provided and you will be assigned a car. We are looking to see how well you can drive and how well you work as part of a team. Are your ready to take your seat behind the wheel?

Event: Indie Game Alliance Open Gaming        Rules: Various

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: Bob Nolan       Club:        Sponsor:

Visit the Indie Game Alliance open gaming table to learn to play various games from publishers in the Indie Game Alliance. Titles include Red 7, Circuit Breaker, Photosynthesis, Manhattan Project: Energy Empire, and many more.

Event: Kooky Mansion / Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd edition)        Rules: Kooky Mansion rules / Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd edition) rules

Period/Era: Kooky Mansion (Sci-fi B-movie), Heromaniacs (Fantasy)        Scale:

GM: Don Scurlock       Club:        Sponsor:

Kooky Mansion is a lighthearted sci-fi B-movie theme loot collecting card game for 2-4 players. Players must enter the Kooky Mansion, move up and down the various floors to collect loot, and then exit the mansion to score the loot. The first player to score 30 loot points wins. Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd edition) is a fantasy theme dungeon crawler card game for 2-4 players. Players must recruit Heroes, defeat monsters, and use EXP to level up through the dungeon. The first player to exit Level 5 of the dungeon wins. (5:00-6:00) Kooky Mansion (6:00-8:00) Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd edition) (1:00-2:00) Kooky Mansion (2:00-4:00) Heromaniacs: A 2-Bit Dungeon Adventure Card Game (3rd edition)

Event: KURSK South Pincer 1943        Rules: KISS Rommel D12

Period/Era: World War II       Scale: Micro

GM: Harold Morgan       Club: Northland Wargamer's Group / HAHMGS        Sponsor:

Kiss Rommel D12 type rules - really simple , 150 stands on a 22 X 16 large hex-map . Room for 10-12 players . 3 SS Panzer Div. & an Infantry Div. versus 5 Russian Tank Corps and scattered Russian Infantry with 2 Tank Corps in Reserve. Germans should be last to pass thru 5 of 9 objectives (villages/hills) to win in 15 turns !

Event: Mammoth Hunt        Rules: Palaeo Diet

Period/Era: Prehistoric        Scale: 28mm

GM: Donnie Williams       Club:        Sponsor:

Help your tribe hunt the mighty mammoth and bring enough food home for the week.

Event: Munchkin Open Gaming        Rules: Munchkin

Period/Era:        Scale:

GM: Bob Nolan       Club:        Sponsor: Steve Jackson Games

Swing by to play your favorite Munchkin games at the Steve Jackson open gaming table. Find a game and sit down and play.

Event: San Juan Hill and El Caney        Rules: To The Strongest variant

Period/Era: Spanish American War in Cuba       Scale: 25mm

GM: George Knapp       Club:        Sponsor:

2-4 players. Americans must capture the San Juan Heights and the village of El Caney. Games last two hours and decided by points.

Event: The Battle of Fords of Isen        Rules: GW Middle Earth SBG

Period/Era: Fantasy LOTR       Scale: 25mm

GM: Mark Duncan       Club: Kansas City Hobbit League       Sponsor:

Saruman launched an attack on the Fords of Isen, which was a very important strategic position in Rohan, for it was the only way for large armies to cross the Isen River. But this was all a ruse. Sarumans true intentions was to kill Theoden`s son, Prince Theodred. Be a mighty Uruk-hai or command the Rohirram. Actually start time around 6:00 late start but will run two sessions.

Event: War of the Worlds        Rules: All Quiet on the Martian Front

Period/Era: Early 20th century       Scale: 15mm

GM: Craig Maksimik       Club:        Sponsor:

Alert!!! Martian forces have overrun the small town of Freesburg and are pushing on to confront the human resistance forces deployed on the outskirts of town. While the surviving citizens of Freesburg lie hidden in the cellars of town nervously awaiting an opportunity to escape. A raging battle is taking place around them that may very well determine the fate of humanity. Can the townspeople reach the relative safety of the human military forces arrayed just outside of town? Or will they all perish under the wave of insidious invaders from Mars?

Event: Warhammer 40K Kill Team        Rules: Warhammer 40K Kill Team

Period/Era: SciFi       Scale: 28mm

GM: Greg Tims       Club: Heroic Morale       Sponsor: Peculiar Game and Hobbies

There Is Only War! We are back this year with the new 40K Kill Team. It is a skirmish level game based on the rules of Warhammer 40K.





Please thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of Recruits, either through volunteer service or from prize support donations even if they are unable attend our show.  Thank You!
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