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Event: 28mm Regimental Fire & Fury AWI        Rules: Regimental Fire &Fury

GM: Steve Niner       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

28mm American War of Independence. Players will command a brigade comprised of 4-5 regiments.

Event: 62fBzIgl1WaENP00Ia        Rules: benajjwpFsXn

GM: LaMsUzr3tbpMrm       Club: tDNsb16UW0       Sponsor: jOfYAtcWJo7RaEtep8IN


Event: Airships in the Age of Victorian Steam        Rules: Fistful of Lead

GM: Andrew Biedenstein       Club:        Sponsor:

1/1200 Victorian Airship fleet battle between four players controlling their squadrons in the skies over Europe.

Event: ALIENS        Rules: Leading Edge board game converted to miniatures

GM: JAMES HARNESS       Club: Fans of Gaming       Sponsor:

This is a desperate, tense and nerve wracking game that asks only one question... Can the Colonial Marines escape from LV-426? The Aliens say no! Only the dice know for sure and they aren`t talking.

Event: Ambush on Tatooine        Rules: Star Wars Legion

GM: Andrew Lynch       Club:        Sponsor:

In this scenario of Star Wars Legion, a convoy makes its way through a Tatooine town but little does it know an ambush is waiting for it.

Event: Atomic Arachnids Attack!        Rules: Homebrew (inspired by Aweful Green Things from Outer Space)

GM: Conrad Wiser       Club: Iowa Gold Star Military Museum        Sponsor:

Shortly after the World War 2, the National Guard is alerted to assist local law enforcement to investigate suspicious activities in the vicinity of nuclear testing grounds near Adobe Flats. Command a platoon in this fun 15mm skirmish `historically` based on 1950`s monster movies with rules inspired by `Aweful Green Things from Outer Space.`

Event: AWI, SYW        Rules: Home grown

GM: Ed Nichols       Club: Hats Off       Sponsor:

25mm and 15mm historical eras We provide a table

Event: “It’s Now or Never”        Rules: BattlegroundHD

GM: Kurt Coyle       Club:        Sponsor:

“It’s Now or Never” Vietnam January 1967 Operation Cedar Falls Your platoon has been conducting patrols South of the Saigon River and NorthWest of Phu Hoa Dong. You are being retasked to hold a cordon along the South West edge of the Iron Triangle as part of Operation Cedar Falls. Other elements will be driving through the Iron Triangle and some enemy elements may try to break out through your AO to escape into Cambodia. Battleground HD Battleground HD is a narrative skirmish combat game. The whole game represents only a few minutes of an actual battle with the action close and deadly. You will command squads and teams each having a unique play sheet that will give the gamer easy access to its capabilities and equipment. Prepare yourself for a unique gaming experience because in BattlegroundHD, detail matters.

Event: Battle In the Sky        Rules: Canvas Eagles

GM: Doug Pappert       Club: Grown Men Rolling Dice       Sponsor:

WW1 early war aerial combat using 1/72 scale models.

Event: Battle of Eckmühl        Rules: Blucher - Napoleonic

GM: Chris Wilkowski       Club:        Sponsor:

April 22, 1809 - isolated French III Corps of Marshal Davout near Eckmuhl is attacked by the Austrian army under Archduke Charles. Will Marshal Lannes` II Corps and Marshal Lefebvre`s VII Corps arrive in time to save the French from defeat ?

Event: Battlecruiser Action Battle of Jutlands        Rules: Dogger Bank

GM: John Davis       Club:        Sponsor:

This is a refight of the battlecruiser action at the Battle of Jutland. Who wins the Brits or the Germans?

Event: Battlesuit Alpha        Rules: Fistful of Lead: Battlesuit Alpha

GM: Jaye Wiley       Club: Wiley Games       Sponsor:

Big, stompy robots! Be the first to play the newest game from Wiley Games. Blast your way through the city with rockets, lasers and autoguns to defeat the enemy forces.

Event: Bounty Hunters Bonanza        Rules: Fistful of Lead Glactic Heroes

GM: Jaye Wiley/Chris Arnold       Club: Wiley Games/Basement Generals       Sponsor:

28mm Star Wars actions in the streets of Mos Vespa. Rival factions of Bounty Hunters search the crime ridden streets for their prey. Can you bring in the most bounties?

Event: Combat! The Outpost        Rules: Fistful of Lead

GM: Ray Gluck       Club: Big Muddy       Sponsor:

Sgt Sanders, Kirby, Littlejohn, and the gang have been directed to set up an Observation Post in a bombed-out chateau. Unfortunately, so have those pesky Krauts. Refight the heroics of the 1960s and watch all the extras drop while our headliners fight on. If you`ve never seen Combat! just think of Capt Kirk but in WW2 and instead of Klingons they`re Nazis (all Germans were Nazis and all German tanks were Tigers disguised cleverly as American M48s. As with all Fistful of Lead games, if you are looking for a serious game, go elsewhere.

Event: Dakkajet Alley        Rules: Aeronautica Imperialis

GM: Sean Graves       Club:        Sponsor:

Imperial Navy vs Greenskins jet combat set in the WH40k universe.

Event: Descent into Snake Mountain        Rules: Fistful of Lead

GM: Steve Willaredt/Jaye Wiley       Club: Wiley Games/Basement Generals       Sponsor:

He-Man and his allies must enter the heart of Snake Mountain to stop the evil Skeletor and his minions from conquering Eternia!

Event: Epic D&D: Relics of Khundrukar        Rules: D&D 5e Adventurers League

GM: Donald Lewis       Club: ReRoll Tavern       Sponsor:

"Khundrukar held many fine implements of war in its heyday, some of them now lost to time. Clues point to the relics of long dead Master Smith Durgeddin’s handiwork in the service of sinister forces that bide their time deep in the Underdark. Reclaim the riches of Khundrukar from the darkness, if you dare!" Join up to six table of adventurers in this interactive Epic D&D experience! Players must have an AL Legal character between levels 1-4 or between levels 5-10 to participate. Pre-made characters may be used and are available on the Wizards website for free download. Player registration will begin at 2:00pm, with the game running from 3:00pm - 7:00pm. Players may reserve their online online in advance through the ReRoll Tavern Facebook page, where a link will be provided, or may sign up in person Saturday at open. This will be a charity game, with the option for players to reroll their dice for a $1 donation to charity. All proceeds to benefit Children`s Mercy Hospital.

Event: French & Indian War: Fight for the Clearing        Rules: Fistful of Lead Bigger Battles

GM: Chris Cluckey       Club: Basement Generals       Sponsor:

A meeting engagement between reinforcing French and British regular forces and their colonial allies during the French & Indian War lead to a battle for the right to advance. Who will own that right by driving the enemy from the field before the day`s end? We`re playing "Fistful of Lead Bigger Battles" in 54mm (traditional toy soldier) scale.

Event: Gold and Gunfire        Rules: Fistful of Lead: Reloaded

GM: James Harness/Jaye Wiley       Club: Wiley Games       Sponsor:

Baby Face Fenster, leader and sole survivor of the Finnigan-Fenster gang is sitting in the Lesterville county jail. He and he alone knows the location of last payroll his gang buried out in the desert. He has sent word out through the criminal underworld he will share its location if somebody will break him out before his transfer to the notorious Yucca prison tomorrow. 28mm Wild West

Event: HATSOFF- Enemy in Sight- Battleship Fight        Rules: Home Grown

GM: Ian F. Krause       Club: HATSOFF       Sponsor:

Post Great War clash of Battleships to determine the fate of nations. 1/2400 Scale. Home grown rules used and tested by HATSOFF wargame club.

Event: J1pAykMxBfyTk2hWxFw        Rules: Yg1f78wFu5MBMW86sxBy

GM: y2GjD4hJUjcq       Club: 420O48FiaIFd       Sponsor: TTERxbPbulNJ7qZxasY


Event: lik9ao        Rules: 90utr6

GM: Hello World!       Club: a5dyke       Sponsor:


Event: oikslh        Rules: h6vgko

GM: 🔶 Доброго времени суток Розыгрыш призовых №854 Получи       Club: yzzg1n       Sponsor:


Event: Paint and Take        Rules:

GM: Dawn Duperault       Club:        Sponsor:

We are back! Free for all ages. Join us from 10am to 5pm and learn to paint. Take home a free figure. We supply paints and everything you need. A variety of figures will be available, historical, fantasy and sci-fi.


GM: BOB ROBY       Club: H.A.H.M.G.S.       Sponsor:


Event: Retroscape        Rules:

GM: Jake Paul       Club:        Sponsor:

Retroscape is a decopunk scifi game that Parlor, LLC is currently designing and playtesting. We have everything from short 5-10 minute demos to full length games for those wanting to come and check out what we have.

Event: Saga II Demo        Rules: Saga II

GM: Charles Yaw       Club:        Sponsor:

28mm Historical Skirmish game that uses a unique battle board system and custom measuring sticks. The game is played on a 3` by 4` table. Periods covered range by the Punic Wars to the Crusades. Games will be offered as teaching and introduction levels.

Event: SanBogma        Rules: 1

GM: SanBogma       Club:        Sponsor:

Event: SanBogma        Rules: 1

GM: SanBogma       Club:        Sponsor:

Event: Scooby Doo and the Necronomicon        Rules: Fistful of Lead Tales of Horror

GM: Steffan Gluck       Club: Big Muddy       Sponsor:

The pages of the Necronomicon have been scattered and Ash has called in reinforcements to help him find the missing pages and repel the Deadites. Join up with Ash, Sam and Dean, and the entire Scooby Gang. The villains are all here: ghosts, zombies, Deadites, maybe even a Werewolf. Chuck (aka God) might even make an appearance. If you haven`t watched TV in 20 years, or are looking for a serious game, go elsewhere.

Event: TANKER TREAT - Eastern Front        Rules: TANKER TREAT Tank Skirmish

GM: Charlie Clay       Club: G.I.T.S.U.M.       Sponsor:

Command 15mm WWII Axis or Allied Armor in battle on the battlefields of the Eastern Front steppes. Easy play convention style rules on a hex grid terrain table reward good tactics and teamwork and punish mistakes.. just like the real thing!

Event: TANKER TREAT - North Africa        Rules: TANKER TREAT Tank Skirmish

GM: Charlie Clay       Club: G.I.T.S.U.M.       Sponsor:

Command 15mm WWII Axis or Allied Armor in battle on the battlefields of the North African desert. Easy play convention style rules on a hex grid terrain table reward good tactics and teamwork and punish mistakes.. just like the real thing!

Event: Twilight Imperium        Rules: Base Game

GM: Vince Vaughan       Club: KC Twimpers       Sponsor:

Base Game, using a "milty" like draft. 6 players.

Event: Various Warlord Games        Rules: Depends on demo

GM: Warlord Games       Club:        Sponsor:

Bolt Action (WW2 platoon scale mini game), Blood Red Skies (WW2 air combat), Cruel Seas (MTB, think PT 109), Victory at Sea (WW2 capitol ships and fleet game), others.

Event: Viking river cruise        Rules: Raven Feast

GM: Andy and phillip       Club: Grown Men Rolling Dice       Sponsor:

It has not been a good raiding season for Jarl Ragnar and the boys.They try one last cruise up a river to find plunder and the gods have answered their prayers. Done in 28mm

Event: Warhammer 40k Killteam        Rules: Killteam 2022

GM: Jacob Sauther       Club:        Sponsor:

In the 41st millennium, covert teams of operatives fight for dominance in the never-ending galaxy of war in Warhammer 40k Killteam. Come by and learn how to play this tactical skirmish game set in the Warhammer 40k universe. Teams will be provided! We will use the most up-to date ruleset.

Event: Warhammer 40k Killteam        Rules: Killteam 2nd Edition

GM: Jacob Sauther       Club:        Sponsor:

Killteam is a skirmish level wargame set in the Warhammer 40k Universe. It uses the same miniatures from 40k. Games pit teams of operatives against other teams to fight over the "background" battles of the larger wars accross the galaxy. I will be using the 2nd edition ruleset (the current ruleset) for this event and will have minis and terrain for it.

Event: Wars of Ozz        Rules: Wars of Ozz

GM: Scott Hansen       Club:        Sponsor:

Munchkins, Winkies, Gillikens and Quadlings battle it out in the world of Ozz. Figures by Old Glory, rules by Buck Surdu.





Please thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of Recruits, either through volunteer service or from prize support donations even if they are unable attend our show.  Thank You!
Brush With Nobility Miniatures LLC

Game Cafe

Jedi Lizzys Geek Boutique

Jeff Porter Illustrations

Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Mindgames and Magic

Peculiar Games & Hobbies

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Wiley Games


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