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Please use GM Registration for game registrations.

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2.5' x 8' (few 6' x 6' Hexagon Tables)

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(Sat 9:00, Sun 10:00, etc)


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(1 hr, 20 min, ect)


* For admin use only (Will not be made public)



Please thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of Recruits, either through volunteer service or from prize support donations even if they are unable attend our show.  Thank You!
Amazing Tales

Askari Miniatures

Blue Panther LLC

Brush With Nobility Miniatures LLC

ComboCon Games

DGS Games, LLC

Feral Events

Firelock Games

Freezing Moo

Game Cafe

Jedi Lizzy's Geek Boutique

Jeff Porter Illustrations

Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Zoo

Lee's Summit High School

Miniature Building Authority, Inc.

Pawn and Pint

Plaay Games, LLC

Play To Beat Brain Cancer

Randistan Gaming Group

Recreational Conflict

Red Lobster

Syr Hobbs Wargames, LLC

Table Top Game and Hobby

Terrain Depot

Warlord Games

Wiley Games


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