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2022 Missouri Cup DBA 15mm Tournament        Sponsor:

Judge(s): Steve Gross and Mike Sanderson       Contact:

Points:    Min Players: 4   Max Players: 8

Registration Start Time: Sat. 11 am

Tournament Start Times: Fri    Sat 12 noon   Sun

Number of Rounds: 4   Length of Round: One hour

Description: A four round 15mm ancients tournament. DBA rule version 2.2 will be used. Some loner armies will be available.

Rules: De Bellis Antiquitatis version 2.2


NADBAG Open DBA Tournaments        Sponsor: Nebraska Area DBA Gamers

Judge(s): Ryan Carlson       Contact: Email with questions.

Points:    Min Players: 0   Max Players: 0

Registration Start Time: Fri 5:00

Tournament Start Times: Fri 6:00   Sat    Sun

Number of Rounds: 4   Length of Round: 1 hr

Description: DBA is a quick play ruleset that still provides plenty of challenges for both new and experienced players. Come early for some tips and introduction to the game.

Rules: This will be a 3 or 4 round swiss style tournament, depending on the number of players. We will be using DBA version 2.2 rules. This is an open tournament so any army that is legal in Books I-IV are eligible to play. Terrain and loaner armies will be available if needed. Youth are welcome.

Prize(s): Books and plaques to the top two finishers.

Peculiar Games Fall RTT        Sponsor: Peculiar Games

Judge(s): Andre Richman       Contact:

Points: 2000   Min Players: 8   Max Players: 20

Registration Start Time: Sat 9:00am

Tournament Start Times: Fri    Sat 9:30am   Sun

Number of Rounds: 3   Length of Round: 2 hrs 45 m

Description: 3 Rounds 2000 points Missions: Nephilim Mission Pack: 13, 21, 33 List due: 9/22 Rules cut off: 9/18

Rules: Warhammer 40K

Prize(s): Best General 2nd best general 3rd best general Best Painted Best Sportsman

Ride for the Midwestmark III        Sponsor: KC Hobbit League and Recruits Convention

Judge(s): Duane Fleck        Contact:

Points: 750   Min Players: 0   Max Players: 0

Registration Start Time: Sat 9:00

Tournament Start Times: Fri    Sat 10:00   Sun

Number of Rounds: 4   Length of Round: 2hr 15 min

Description: 750 points, 3 Rounds, each 2 hours and 15 minutes each. 4 figures minimum please sign up on the KC Hobbit League Facebook Event page. A scenario from each of the following pools will be selected prior to the start of each round: Pool 2: Hold Objectives Scenarios Pool 4: Kill the Enemy Scenarios Pool 6: Unique Scenarios

Rules: Games Workshop Middle Earth SBG

Prize(s): Prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winners, Best Painted Army (Good/Evil), Best Display Board (Good/Evil), Best Sportsman Good and Evil. We will award prizes at the end of the tournament.





Please thank the following individuals and businesses for their support of Recruits, either through volunteer service or from prize support donations even if they are unable attend our show.  Thank You!
Brush With Nobility Miniatures LLC

Game Cafe

Jedi Lizzys Geek Boutique

Jeff Porter Illustrations

Micropanzer Wargame Studio

Mindgames and Magic

Peculiar Games & Hobbies

Warlord Games

Wiley Games


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